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four23, the design studio, started out in an old attic space in Manchester, a space that became known as the Apex. This space had not been used for twenty years and had no functioning electrics, but it had some considerable personality and the amenity of its own front door. After some weeks of effort, and the voluntary endeavour of an electrician, it was made ready. The two founders, Warren and Darryl, in their 20s, organised a party, hired a hydrogen tank and let 423 balloons float out of the window. The film is somewhere. This is February 2004.

Nobody claims to have put a theory to it. No talk of a grand plan, or of a thesis. Ask, and you are more likely to think them anti-theoretical, refusing to be labelled, lit by many inspirations but then anxious to move to the next idea, the next ideas. It was a shared space, a creative impulse that brought them to it; that is all there was to it

Opening the studio had been an act of liberty. The years that followed were filled with projects, exhibitions, installations, publications, travel, journals and by work with academics, artists, poets, musicians, authors, architects; institutions, charities and corporations.

That will to liberty had been lit and from it developed a form of studio that was not characterised by an in-house staple design style, but which was fluid and emergent. It was only through the hard process of nursing ideas into reality that the studio was able to select among the collective, among its competing possibilities. There was no à priori template, no model, and so through the very integrity of its work, the studio was forever inventing itself.

Its work was of graphics, film, the still image, code, fabric, paper, words, VR, screens, 360, hi-fidelity. It was a studio of craft, induction and retroduction. This meant that intrinsic quality was found in material, shape, texture and light. Meaning was found only in the application of that intrinsic detail to a particular context. Nothing of four23 was ever predictable because nothing could be predicted; all work was revealed only in the application of craft to context.

Every project was a challenge to learn, to learn more, to uncover something. Each project started with research, intensive research. Research was the means by which four23 was always sophisticated and knowledgeable without being complicated. Outcomes could be provocative, deep, simple, fun and fresh, but they were always highly attuned.

It was all also so intrinsically romantic. This romanticism was revealed in the value it placed on the emotions and experiences of its protagonists. Yet, always, throughout all art, all history, the romantic has a price. The value of emotions and experiences exists only because they are transitory. They must end if they are to have any meaningful life at all.

four23 started out in an old warehouse space in Manchester and chose Summer 2018, in London, as the right time to take it’s leave; for now at least. It is time to take time as individuals to reflect, have new conversations, find new inspirations, to visit new environments. It is time to live awhile without clocks.

Nietzsche once wrote “The end of a melody is not its goal: but nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end it would not have reached its goal either.” So, when do things end? How about they end when the studio is in demand, when it is comfortable and stable, when the appetite is still strong, when discussions of sale are not pursued and when there are good missions ahead? And most importantly, how about they end, or at least pause, with all we have achieved as friends?

Words by Professor Peter Kawalek

Together, as a team, we designed the first logo in 150 years for Chetham's School of Music, directed a 360° film with Fight For Peace in the Maré favela of Rio de Janeiro, designed the trophy for Prince Harry’s expedition to the South Pole, hosted conversations on essentialism with Nick Knight, spacial design for a block party with Kendrick Lamar, froze explosive CGI cinemograph moments with Kjus, designed a logo identity for documentary filmmakers War Photo, created motion graphics for the Somerset House summer series, coded a home for culture journal Peak , designed the logo for the Virgin London Marathon, curated our own exhibitions; Create a Highway + Born of Attention, art direction and print design for the Royal Exchange Theatre featuring Maxine Peake and (late, great) Pete Postlethwaite, created our own oak and brass toolbox studio, conquered the road at the Tour de France with Eurosport, spacial design of a giant recycled wave pavilion for World Ocean’s Day, explored creativity hacking with Sam Labs, produced an interactive haptic audio/visual installation for Scuderia Ferrari at the Barcelona GP, designed cover art for OMD, UX design for the Australian High Commission, designed a virtual hologram wellness class with Karlie Kloss, drew a handwritten script for Technique Publicity and designed a font suite for Carver’s Warehouse, uncovered the obsessions on film of Marc Marquez, Maverick Vinales and Mark Cavendish, celebrated New Year at the Brightwater Hall with a night sky light installation, marked our tenth anniversary with an exhibition at London Design Festival , directed films for Humanitas and redesigned the visual identity for Graeae Theatre Company, wrote and published ‘A Sporting Monograph’, designed a temporary skate park in Los Angeles with Eric Kostyn, shared a race car with Valentino Rossi at Monza, brought Desiigner out of the shadows and onto the stage for adidas, co-hosted workshops on pattern design with Ms Nakamura at Paris Fashion Week, broadcast live across the globe with Shaun White, curated the programme for 152 Brick Lane, opened An Outlet - our own licensed coffeehouse and performance venue, photographed Michael Bisping in his Cumbrian hometown, interviewed Sébastien Loeb in a helicopter over the Alps, explored the cutting process with master tailors Henry Poole, designed with projections for Stella McCartney, entered architectural competitions with Gehl Architects, exhibition design for Team GB featuring Jessica Ennis-Hill and Tom Daley, celebrated Christmas with a Maths Party + 8 Spokes of Jul + (learnt) How to Build An Igloo, created 3D animations for multi-screen installations at Red Studios, Hollywood, hand crafted with følte for the Norwegian Embassy to commemorate Greig, designed a VR installation in Granary Sq. KX for design junction, editorial design for the Neighbourhood print with Originals , art directed Lionel Messi at the Barcelona Olympic Stadium, immersed Covent Garden in projections for Oakley, toured the world to document Sam Mendes’ Richard III, told the story of Coloral 1947 through illustration, set design for Pusha T at the Store on the Strand, illustrated global sub cultures with Rimo and Reebok, icon design for Olympic champions Mo Farah and Christine Ohuruogu, directed film with Damon Albarn and Florence Welch to support Medicines Sans Frontiers, defined the Original Modern city with designer Peter Saville and collaborated with the cleverest, sharpest and most interesting people that came into our orbit.